From my extensive research into the fields of thinking and life, and from learning in various seminars and courses about these things, I find that people somehow, miss the entire image of the puzzle. They only focus on one or two pieces of it. They don’t see the whole picture.

They are either focused on the finalising the tasks for their employer, or they are looking for a partner to spend their life with, or simply just drifting around in life, not knowing where they want to go. Leaving it all to the chance.

And that is wrong, in so many levels. Why leave it to chance?

The poetry by William Ernest Henley – Invictus, says it all: “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

There are successful people who have somehow become successful, but they don’t know how or what caused this process. Therefore they are unable to teach other the process of thinking.

This is where I come in. To share with you, the process of thinking. Thinking is hard at first, specially if you haven’t consciously engaged that “muscle” for longer periods of time.

Science says, that the average person can only focus for 12 seconds, and afterwards they drift around in their mind. Their body is present and in the room, but their mind is either dwelling in the past, or contemplating a scenario in the future. Why do you think the average person has only 12 seconds of pure attention? Why not more?

This is an unconscious thing, and due to the fact that we are not aware that our “monkey mind” jumps all around in the 3 dimensions of life while we should be present and focused upon the task and event that our body is subjected to.

Thought trips.

Learn to control your thoughts. How to do this? This is what this website is about.

Enjoy life,


P.S. A book is being written as we speak, but it’s much more complex, it takes longer to create the content, edit it professionally, find a publishing agent and so on. So I said, this needs to get out there in the world. Only if people would do exactly what I tell them that they have to do…

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