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How to Become Extraordinary?, You’ve Got to do Extraordinary.

How to Become Extraordinary?


How to Become Extraordinary. It’s good to always want more. Never settle.

IF you find the below information “easy” or “I’ve heard/done all of this before“, you are totally wrong.


💔💰🌎 🧳 🎶 💃🛩 🛳 🏝 – applies universally

In the first place, you should recognize that you are unconsciously incompetent. You don’t know what you don’t know. Once you evolve from that state, and you get to be an unconscious competent, doors will start opening. And that is the beautiful process of changing your paradigms, then becoming extraordinary then becoming limitless.

Now, a structured way of understanding “the setup” (our Universe):

To link the puzzle of success – create the proper psychological structure, I’ll use analogies in order for your brain to assimilate unknown information with known.

Jim Rohn very well said these things:

“And we should learn the setup for 2 basic reasons:

  1. To keep from getting hurt – a major reason for learning

(You don’t have to like the setup. But it’s important to know the setup.) So make sure you get the information!

What you think about it, that’s up to you.

What you’re going to do about it, will soon be up to you.

Being broke is bad. But being stupid is awful.

Bad: broke and stupid.

Nowhere else to go“: Sick, broke, and stupid.

So make sure you get the information. It’s key!

2. To Benefit.

NOW -> Must have dreams ( generated from a relaxed state and in wishful thinking, using the technology called “visualization”, for about 15-20 minutes every day) -> ideas -> strategy -> structure -> discipline -> goals -> grind “/&” enjoy -> daily actions -> expect it to happen.
ORDER is the First Law of “Heaven”.

Becoming limitless is a process that is triggered when you open the lid of your mind and you start dreaming. The moment you get outside your box, you break the old patterns, you break the old conditioning. That is the moment when you become limitless.

How to become extraordinary?
By setting goals: (questions to ask)

  • How much
  • How big
  • How high
  • How heavy
  • How fit
  • What color
  • How old
  • Is this the best way
  • Is this the fastest way
  • Can I achieve it
  • Until when
  • What for a.k.a WHY -> Technology to Generate Reasons -> Generates Momentum

Goals affect your entire life. Goals affect how you walk, how you talk, how you dress, how your handshake, how you sell, how you love, what you drive, how much money you have in your bank account. They affect everything. So become extraordinary!

Another advantage that goal setting gives you is that it starts the changing process of the paradigms. Of your conditional behavior that was set by your environment.

A known law comes from Quantum & Classical Physics – “A body in motion (constant), stay in motion…” – that’s momentum.

How to change your paradigms and become limitless? Whoever can do this EXACT 8 step-to-success process, on a daily basis, will suddenly become…a “lucky” one!

Voltaire said:

“Words like luck, chance and coincidence were invented to express the known effects of the unknown causes.”

He also said,

“Luck is a word devoid of sense; nothing can exist without a cause.”

…how true.


Paradigms are background running processes that if a person is not aware of their thoughts, they run them. I have experienced strong programs that have been planted in my subconscious mind by either myself or by the environment.

To change your paradigms you first must discover one. Realizing that something that you do is a program, and you do it unconsciously, is key here. Once you are aware of one, you will start to experience more and more paradigms. They will eventually start to unfold, like dominos, and you can reprogram yourself.

In the book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz, talks about the cybernetics mechanism. Now, what is the CYBERNETICS concept?

Cybernetics is the science of control and communication in the animal and some machines. It is based on the fact that both biological organisms and some machines have sensors that measure deviation from a set goal. These sensors signal “feedback” into a coordinating mechanism (your nervous system) which corrects the output of behavior of those same organisms or machines.


Cybernetics is the science and technology of control and communication that is present in living animals (including the human) and in some machines. It is based on the fact that both living organisms and some machines have measuring devices called sensors, that frequently measure the deviation from a set goal. The data received from the sensors as “feedback” from the environment, is sent to a coordinating mechanism ( the brain or nervous system ) which adjusts the behaviour of the organisms or machines.

how to become extraordinary

A good example to create an analogy for an easier understanding is the thermostat in the house. Or an airplane. Or a self-driving car.

If you set the temperature in the room to 25 degrees celsius, and the environment changes values in the ether, the measured value or the temperature in the house will fall. If the cybernetics device, using the temperature sensor incorporated in it will detect a difference between the goal set ( 25 degrees ) and the actual value ( 23 degrees for example ), then the device will adjust the behavior of the heating system, turning on the heat.

Now, how is this important and what is the correlation between a thermostat and the human mind?

You are not all that you can possibly be. You are an unbounded limitless spirit that is living in this body and that is governed by laws and concepts created by humans.

Dr. Maltz explained that the image you hold of yourself is a premise, a base, or a foundation upon which your entire personality is built. This image, not only controls your behavior, it controls your circumstances as well.

We act, behave and feel according to what we consider our SELF-IMAGE to be and we do not deviate from this pattern.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Just because you don’t think you can do a specific thing right now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in the future.

how to become extraordinary. How to change your paradigm and how to become limitless:

  1. Find out what paradigms do you have. This is an ever-going life process.
  2. Learn how to change it by applying certain principles that are explained in my blog and in other books like Psycho-Cybernetics.
  3. Create new habits that drive you towards becoming a better, smarter, kinder, loving person.
  4. Repeat process.

Remember, paradigms are keeping you limited. Your self-image must be corrected, or altered in order to see your full potential.


In the words of Ayrton Senna:

I need to establish my own limits. When I reach those limits, I am willing to overcome them and establish new ones. I do not know how far I can go. I have an understanding of what I’m doing but do not know how far it can take me.

Ayrton died in an F1 car accident when the steering system failed and crashed into a side wall.

Ayrton was doing something extraordinary. Are you?

But at least he died happy, discovering his limits.

Action step to take away: Ask yourself: Has today added anything of value to my stock of knowledge or state of mind?

Enjoy life!

Check out the other articles and start applying. In here you’ll find all the information for your dream life. Honestly, I’d print out this page, stick it to the bathroom mirror and think of goals every morning, how they’d make me feel when I’d accomplish them. Your energy will increase, your drive and passion will increase. Your life will change. That’s for certain.

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Thanks for reading how to become an extraordinary article.

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