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There are two fundamental things which we can all improve in our lives

First, the way we communicate with other people or in a more fundamental term how we encode what we want to express or how we want to impose a vision, an idea, our consciousness on to others and what to expect as feedback or as a result. 


Second, the length for which we stay engaged in an emotional chain. Or the reflection period of our emotions. If we are in a positive vibration or a positive feeling then we want to stay in that state. On the other side if we are in a negative vibration or a negative feeling then we want to shorten as much as possible that state. The frustration which comes here is the fact that we do not know how to change the length of the reflection period. Isn’t it so? Maintain happiness and shorten as much as possible negative feelings.

If the negative feelings stay there for a long time, and frustration plus frustration plus frustration gets up, it creates stress in our lives. Can a mechanism that is on stress for extended periods of time keep functioning? Or will it cease to exist as the components will erode themselves because no mechanism in nature can insure extended periods of stress.


Stress is not something that we want to manage. Society has invented stress management. Stress is a disease. Stress is a disease of the mind. Stress is mind control. Stress is controlling the mind. You don’t want to manage stress. You want to get rid of it. So we want a disease out of our body like any cold or virus. But life without stress feels so far away, simply because we don’t regularly see happy people every day. And as the human mind tends to mimic what it sees on the outside; if we see stress on the outside, if we see people in a room or environment that are stressed; what’s that going to create in us? More stress, isn’t it so? Unless we learn to understand its presence, be objective and maintain our own state within.


How do we get out of such a state? First, we have to understand, and then apply our understanding to the root cause of what is not bringing us happiness. 

But how can we understand if we are not taught by the traditional educational system how to remember? Or better say, how to learn. We are taught something, but not how to learn. We are taught what to learn. 


We all have to understand, but what do we have to understand? 

There’s a Latin expression which I’m sure most people know. Here it is.


Know thyself. 

Because by knowing yourself, you know others. Everything that we know is based on our internal belief systems, isn’t it so? And if everyone has been taught in the same way; reacting to people outside of us wouldn’t do you any good and wouldn’t do good to either of us, isn’t it so? 

When we travel by plane we are told to put on our own masks first and then help others.


What is the main purpose in life?


Everything that we do in our lives, every action, every word, every meaning, every goal, every desire, we create it in order to bring more happiness and fulfilment in our lives. And this is absolutely normal. Growth is the natural progression of nature. 

The universal laws are absolute and fixed. We haven’t created them, therefore we cannot change them. 

Do we want to know them? Sure we do. Otherwise, it’s called ignorance.


What happens if we don’t know the laws of our setup? 

Let’s say a man doesn’t know about the law that pulls all things down to its very powerful centre – gravity. And during a flight, he opens the door and jumps without a parachute. He can be a saint, or he can be a crook. It won’t change the fact that ignorance of the natural laws hurts us.


So it’s good to know the basics. The basics of life. This is what this blog is about.

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