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Step 16: Enjoying the sights of your trip

Freediving is a form of underwater diving, that does not require a breathing mechanism or device. It is a form of diving, only with the air stored in the lungs. 


Why do people do it if it is risky?


I have dived down to 15 meters, or the rough equivalent of a 5-story building. The moment you realize you have achieved that new boundary and you look up, from where you started, you can get scared, because the water sealing feels out of reach. Only mental control and relaxation are your friends as, without them, a blackout occurs and from 10 meters below, there is no positive buoyancy for the body to lift and float. Therefore, your body could be gone, forever, without a trace. So, it is important to maintain mental stability and continue the process that has been started. 


The deeper you go in the water, the more pressure is building up, as the water is exerting increased pressure. And so, your ears are sensing and being affected by pressure or environmental change. 


The story of any new journey in life being here, with the word adaptation.


Same as you go freediving and equalization of the pressure in the ears every meter or so, going towards the depths of the unknown, an unfamiliar environment with more pressure exerted on you requires adaptation. The same thing happens in the life of a seeker, or an entrepreneur. 


Coming from an employee fixed mentality, where growth is so slow that you do not even have to equalize the pressure – it is done automatically over time – a person must adapt his new mindset to the current circumstances, by taking a break occasionally to equalize the pressure.


Otherwise, the pressure buildup in the system gets too big, reversal happens, and you go back to safety and comfort, because of the pain. 


Learn to take a break occasionally and enjoy the sights. 


The journey is more important than the destination. The journey is also 99% of the entire trip, the destination will come and pass. 


If the journey represents misery, and the destination represents happiness, you have just chosen 99% misery and 1% happiness, on the temporal trajectory that has an unknown amount of time. 


Choose your journey wisely. Sometimes you can go back, sometimes you cannot, but time does not forget anyone.

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