Executive summary:

  1. Learn to value your time
  2. Learn to leverage your resources
  3. Mantra: Value and Quality over Quantity
  4. Bring value to the marketplace, by solving the needs of “the many”
  5. Money is and MUST not be your goal. Money is a byproduct of the value that you provide. So do what you love! Dwell upon this for 10 minutes.


It’s that simple, on a very high level.

Oh, I wished people would just follow these steps.

You can’t do extraordinary things. But you can do ordinary things extraordinary.

Being a billionaire is a state. A state of mind. It’s nothing else. It’s all about raising your consciousness level to be able to achieve your goals.

If you give 1BN to an average person, he’ll spend it. Because he has been subconsciously programmed by the environment. There’s no clear thought for how to preserve the wealth and how to invest it, in order to get a return.

One step to achieve this state is to change your vocabulary. Increase it, expand it. Learn new words daily.

EBITDA = Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. How many non-millionaire people know what this word really means?

I can assure you that every billionaire knows what this means. It’s in their daily programming. They surround themselves with a “new environment” that pushes them on the right track. Creates connections, creates opportunities.


Part 2 of becoming a billionaire:

  1. Analyse your environment. Who is your environment? If not your family, relatives, close friends, acquaintances, neighbours, work colleagues, and a few other people that you interact with.
  2. Improve your vocabulary. You can’t go to speak to a billionaire with street jargon. He’ll suddenly notice you have no idea what you’re talking about. Therefore, he’ll not invest in you and in your idea.
  3. Get mentors in life. Mentors for business. Mentors for spirituality. Mentors for love. Mentors for fitness. Find out what the best people in each pillar of life, are teaching and sharing with the world.
  4. Keep up the discipline and the perseverance to achieve your goals, every day, every week, every month, every year.
  5. Meditate. The connection to the absolute is essential. Otherwise, from where do thoughts come from, if not from a source? Ask yourself. What can you do in 2021 if you wouldn’t have access to the internet? And what is the internet if not an abundant source of information? The same is with the absolute. In meditation, you connect to the “universal internet” which feeds you will all kind of information that you desire. You get your consciousness to dive into the subconscious and conquer it, reaching deeper levels of awareness and consciousness.
  6. Stop listening to every opinion out there and follow your dreams. Some are good, but most of them are bad. Because everyone has opinions. And how many are wealthy? Not many. So don’t trust the status quo.
  7. Apply first principle thinking. Elon Musk is a fan of this. So am I. Dissecting the “puzzle” to the most fundamental truth and building from there. It’s like clearing the bushes and finding a wonderful landscape from which you can build up.
  8. Read at least 1 book/week from people who have achieved what you are looking to achieve. This is the process in which you actually download their consciousness into yours. I book read in 1 week can bring billions into your bank account in the future.
  9. Learn to apply self-hypnosis to focus your attention and break old habits and create new ones. Clear out the noise from the environment and just relax.
  10. Remember you are pure energy. You have infinite potential. No one knows how far you can reach.
  11. Don’t slow down, just calm down!
  12. Success is not only a destination but also a journey. So enjoy the ride!


Enjoy life,






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