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Step 12: The OK Plateau and how to stay out of it

Did you think that was all? Do you think that you have reached your peak? Are you sure?

Bruce Lee said:

“There are no limits. There are plateaus. But you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.”

I found that the OK plateau tends to drop in unannounced into one’s life. You don’t even realize when you have settled down in a comfortable position. The moment when you stop growing. All of a sudden, that becomes a paradigm, that becomes habitual behavior. Then you have about 5% of will power to control your life. Why? Because of the auto-pilot that is controlling your life.

The moment when you can predict what will happen tomorrow, with high accuracy; the moment when you can predict what the next month or the next year will look like, in vague lines, that’s the moment when you are resting on an OK Plateau. That is called: Living in the known. Living in the familiar.

In order to get out of the OK Plateau, you need to make a change. It has to be an internal change. It cannot come from the outside. You first have to change your self-image, before you can start manifesting and attracting new things in your life, in the 3D world.

The moment when you are able to change your perception of reality; when you realize that you have settled, that’s the start of your journey towards success.

Success in the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Earl Nightingale said it. Any small step, however small, if done towards your goals, it’s called success.

Become a successful person by getting out from the known part of your life, into the unknown.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. 

In order to stay out of this psychological wall, you must constantly strive for more. Stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone. Start by doing the things that you have postponed for such a long time. You know that eventually, you will have to do them. By putting the ideal life on paper, then starting to think of it. Take a few days off. Take a week off. Imagine yourself living the new improved you. How would it feel? Where would you travel? With whom would you hang around? What cars would you be driving? In what spiritual retreats would you go to? What type of pool would you like to have? What type of business would you like to own?

Remember, yesterday is past and you can’t change it. Today you are a new person. Every day, you are a new person, if you want to be. 

Enjoy life,


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