My perception – my reality


One’s perception is one’s reality. Therefore, reality is perception.

How to transform the perception? How to avoid being a slave of the 5 senses, visualization in the outer world only past thought, and not going into the same past pattern that caused the present results? How to make people aware of this intricate machinery of perception that can be changed, by things, in a certain way.

How to tell people that don’t have a higher awareness or consciousness that their thoughts are the reality that is bound to happen upon the unfolding of space-time and that every thought is a frequency that is created by you, the reader, the creator, and it flows throughout the universe, same as a stone thrown into a lake disturbs its entire surface.

Perception is a very mechanical process. Open your eyes and see the world as it is. You start loving the world or hating the world, that will be the thought. But the perception of the world is very innocent, is mechanical. Open and the image of this goes through the retina and falls on the mind. The phenomenon of seeing. We hear we touch. 

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