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Lessons From a Successful Person | Lessons From The World’s Most Successful People

Lessons From a Successful Person

Lessons From Successful Person. Listen please reader what John Assaraf is saying here. Listen don’t just hear.

These lessons from a successful person are of huge importance and most importantly, in the 21st century, they are also free. In order to get your dream life, one must apply what is taught by John or by any other successful person.

Retraining your brain, changing the consciousness from living in the past, decoupling from the memories and feelings of the past is not an easy thing. But step by step, by using the most powerful thing called imagination, one can rewire the brain, set new intentions, and transform the perception of reality, making the person, in the end, a happy person.

Lessons From a Successful Person

Why would a person be happy just by using imagination?

As one person envisions their ideal life and adds color and emotion to that vision, that person becomes full. And when the glass is full, it will overflow. Like this analogy, the person will start to feel happy and blissful. The person will start to forgive and leave behind people or events that happened in the past. That is the moment when the brain has shifted gears.

What is the step-by-step process?

John mentioned that he had to write every day his ideal life. And after that, he had to listen to his own words about how his wonderful life expects him.

Belief or faith lives in the same family with perseverance. Because if you don’t believe, you won’t persevere to achieve your goals. On the same idea, if you don’t have faith, you will not persevere. They are linked.

Jim Rohn’s mentor has touched my life and in his own words: “Be naive enough to believe what I say, for just 30 days, and wonderful things will start to happen in your life.”

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ACTION STEP 1: Define what you want. Write it down. What experiences do you want to have? What countries do you want to visit? What cars do you want to own? Would you like a house for every season? Would you like a better job? How about a business?

ACTION STEP 2: Find a mentor that you like. Learn the lessons from a successful person that you admire.

ACTION STEP 3: Work daily to get your dream life.

ACTION STEP 4: Start taking action now. I truly hope you have read my article about the forgetting curve. It’s how life “gets in the way”. No goals, no reason to wake up happy, joyful, and excited tomorrow. Routine kills the spirit. It bounds it. It limits creativity. And that’s the seed of frustration.

In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia, until we ultimately become enslaved by it.

Robert Heinlein

Dream your life and you will start to rise to that frequency level in the ether. And once you achieve resonance, the universe will rush to give you all that you desire. The thought sends the request in the ether, and the emotion draws it into your life.

Never give up. Hold the line.

Enjoy life,

Ionut Furnea

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