Knowing your purpose, or your priorities at least

Simplifying your life is essential and necessary, in order to keep in mind that time and energy are two of our most precious finite resources.

These resources are (somewhat) replenished:

  1. When we sleep
  2. When we meditate
  3. When we exercise

We also know that we live in a temporal enigma. What is known as “Past”, “Present”, and “Future”. Even though we only have the now. The other 66% of what you believe is your life, is merely an illusion. Only the present moment is what counts, but I’m sure you know that.

Two things significantly determine how well we use these resources. First, our ability to understand deeply what it means to have a purpose in our life, or, if one doesn’t know his or her purpose, changes focus at least to priorities that are pleasant, calm, relaxing, and motivating.

The second thing is our ability to focus. Maintaining awareness on (not of) the object, conversation, meeting, task, agreement, negotiation, or any other scene, for more than a few seconds.

When we know our priorities in life, that have wisely been defined by our purpose in life, we redirect our time and energy of those slots of available time, towards this, so we would not waste energy.

The struggle now comes if we cannot keep our focus on them. The attention muscle is weak, you are perpetually distracted, so how can you keep your awareness on (not of) your priorities? If you can’t hold steady your focus on what you spend, so time and energy, with your willpower, the focus, or the awareness will be so scattered, that it would be an absolute waste of these two finite resources.

When we can keep steady the focus, for longer periods of time, we can direct our time and energy to our priorities that propel us into a better life, into “the future”.

“Future” – the delayed and long-waited moment of the egoic mind.

Simply a well-thought and “well-rehearsed” illusion, which, if properly exerted and prioritized, becomes the actual focus of the mind. When your will and your mind are focused, there you see results, growth, traction, and finally achievement.

To remove focus from the parts in our life that are consuming useless energy and time, one must simplify their life.

This can come only as a realization that we do not have time or energy to distribute across an endless number of things that you, your friend, your neighbor, your mother-in-law have come to take and set aside for their pleasure.

Because of this, we can and need to simplify our priorities in life.


We learn how to say heck yes or heck no. You start to catalog with higher priorities everything that you do. If it’s not a “HECK YES!”, then…heck, it’s a… no.

We learn how to create a “not-to-do list”. Not going to waste time. Not going to get distracted by current circumstances. Not going to

This, of course, is not a black and white rule.

Always use your wisdom to apply these guidelines in your life.

Every time you lose focus, and you find yourself straying away from your priorities, simply bring focus back to them.

And most importantly, you can’t do this, if you don’t know a fixed point, a fixed anchor, a clear priority, to revert the psycho-cybernetics mechanism from its deviated path.

Enjoy practicing this.


Until next time.

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