Success is not just a word. I’ll repeat that. Success is not just a word.

Success is a state. You must take that as a state. Transcend to that state. That’s called mindset transformation. Not change, but transformation.

Even Grammarly corrected me…

The Altered States of Consciousness.

Listen to this message below. Draw your conclusions. Perform your research. Be a student.

Action Point:

Read this Book:

Maxwell Maltz, wrote this great book, many years ago, around the 70′. Key: he was a plastic surgeon. He noticed that even after plastic surgery, some people didn’t see their face changed. It was visible to everyone else, but not to them.

Because they had a map of themselves. A set of beliefs. They had a “what they thought they looked like”.

So we all have a perception of reality. A map of reality. A map of what we think we look like and any deviation on the physical level, to that map, to that perception, that visual representation that we have in our brain. If that vision does not match the map, your brain deletes it or distorts it.

In addition to upgrading knowledge and skills; let’s say income. We have setpoints. It doesn’t matter if you have £50.000, £100.000, £1.000.000. We have that setpoint and then we behave the way we need to behave. And we feel how we need to feel in order to have that income. And over a period of time, it becomes part of the “brain default neural networks”. You get to access that neural network over and over again. So it becomes a habit. It becomes your personality. It becomes your identity.

So we develop setpoints for everything. So if the setpoints that we set, for everything, is applied, and remember there’s the psycho-cybernetic mechanism in the brain, a controlling mechanism in the brain, an autopilot of your life. In the end, it’s our brain, isn’t it so?

So why not learn how to reset that OK plateau of your life.

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http://Source for the quote.

  • What tools are available to help reset that?
  • What evidence-based methods are there to set that new neural network?

How to instantly tap into success according to Burt Goldman:

Everything in life is vibration.

Albert Einstein

We live in a vibrational universe.

If everything in life is vibration, it follows that our emotions and our thoughts vibrate as well, along with our words. Words are vibrations transmitted through the ether. Because we understand their meaning, we call them words. A list of these understandable words is called a vocabulary of a language.

The bible starts with: “In the beginning was the Word…,”

From music, we know that if a note is played on a piano, the tuning fork will start to vibrate at the same frequency as the note. What this means is that the part which is not even in contact with the vibratory instrument gets in resonance. Basically, it retrieves the frequency and starts to vibrate, in harmony with the note. Therefore it instantly taps into the right frequency.

It’s the same with quantum jumping. By doing these quantum jumps to parallel universes, you engage your imagination and you artificially create a new vibrational frequency in your brain. By doing this over and over, over and over, your brain gets tuned to that frequency. Once you get tuned to that frequency, and if you are able to maintain that frequency after the jump throughout the day, the universe will give what you desire. Because the same as the tuning fork, it understands the frequency ( aka your desire ) and then it acts.

Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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Jumping into the right frequency.

As this world is made up of frequencies, there are lots of them.

This is one of the simplest ways to instantly tap into success. It requires 10-15 minutes of your time, daily.

Don’t be lazy in learning. I mean heck, it’s your life.

Enlightened self interest. Master that. Never forget those words.

Enjoy life,

Ionut Furnea

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