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Step 13: Mindset differences – Rich vs working class. Becoming a millionaire – billionaire

How to become a millionaire – billionaire: How many people are in the “Oh.. thank God it’s Friday!” – club?

How to become a millionaire - billionaire

That’s a 9-5 job mentality. If you want to reach the top 5%…that’s a paradigm, right there!

Two important questions for you to answer:

  • What has got you turned on, excited to wake up early and stay up late?
  • What has got you turned off? (Answering these two question, your life will change)

let’s start to know How to become a millionaire – billionaire

IMPORTANT: Reasons alter a whole life!

Life planning is so important, and yet, most people overlook it. Goal setting is just another chore. (Proper) goal setting is not easy, but it’s mandatory to get in the 5%.

Dates or the when:

Long-range ( 10,20,30,40 years )-Short-range ( tomorrow, this week, this month, this year )

Types or the what:

  • Economic
  • Assets or things you want ( even the smallest thing )
  • Personal development (smarter, stronger, writer, investor, entrepreneur, leader, etc.)

Reason or the why:

  • You know this better than I

Action steps:

  1. Work on your goals – a.k.a. make plans
  2. Write your goals down
  3. Cross things off daily. Create this habit!


Dopamine is released when you are happy and achieve even the smallest thing. Natural dopamine every day pushes you further.

I’ve heard one guy saying: hold the line!

REMEMBER: Life is like the seasons. We all go through them. But hey, we are alive even during winter, no?

(Teaching part from Jim Rohn. What a man…)


Money is not the most important thing in life, but still, until the mindset is completely changed, money is considered to be the primary goal in life. No money, no house. No money, no means of transportation. No money, no food. Increasing this part of the intelligence – the financial intelligence section – will help you towards becoming a better person. So here it is.


What does almost everyone know? What are we thought in schools?

Go to school, study hard, work hard, get a job, save money, get out of debt and if you are a “risk-taker”, invest in the stock market in the long term.

If you are not a risk-taker, you are taught to simply save the money in the banks, to “store it safely”.

The question is: Why would you save money if governments and international banks are printing trillions? The gap between the rich and the poor, the 99% vs the 1% is so big, that it’s hard to comprehend.

We’re not thought how to get rich. We are taught how to work for a paycheck. How to pay taxes. The paycheck is one of the most devastating things that you will take in your life.

The day you receive the last paycheck will be the best and at the same time the worst day of your life. It is the first step into a dark tunnel. But eventually, the light will shine.

The entrepreneur is all about the mindset and the skillset. And a different set of rules. Depending on the league in which he plays.


With different layers of wealth, comes a different set of rules. That’s how society is made. So we have to accept it.

Knowing how each layer is constructed, its infrastructure and its laws is an absolutely necessary thing. And the best thing is if you don’t know it, or if you don’t have the time to learn it, in this democratic & capitalistic way of living, you can purchase the support you required from the labour market.

The goal of increasing your wealth can be achieved by finding trustworthy, real-teachers, experienced people to work for you. That’s if you value your time.

In that sentence, is the master key to riches.

That sentence, when unfolded, it implies that you have learned that time is your most important resource. And it’s limited. It also means that you have learned the value of leverage. Of trading one resource for another – more valuable – resource. You have learned to trade a commodity for services. You have hired someone to do the job for you, in a better way. You have learned to value your time, to focus on other more important things in your life. You have learned to find, recruit and keep talented people beside you. You have learned to apply their services/knowledge, to rise on the social ladder. But to be that self-conscious, you need clarity of mind, perseveration, determination to succeed and motivation to get to that end goal. And that takes some time.

Read More About Lesson from a life explorer. How to become a millionaire – billionaire

The goal in this life is DEFINITELY NOT to raise wealth in abundance, to swim in money or to care for material things. The goal in this life is to enjoy life itself, and by doing what you love, to be paid for your products or services.

Once the second step is realised, and you have achieved financial freedom, you have gained back more time. About 33% more time in a day, to do what you love, or to find what you love.

Achieving this step has huge psychological implications. It feels like cutting the shackles that kept you bonded to something that you really didn’t like.

Financial freedom means you can decide today if you want to travel to Tokyo or Singapore, Melbourne or simply rent a cottage at the side of a lake and spend there two-three-four months.

I can bet that the majority of people reading this post never had a break longer than one continuous month. A break to let the mind sore, to let the mind experience life again. The break that disrupts the daily cycle, the daily rut.

Or even if you had, a longer break, you felt so great in that one month, that when you had to go back to the office, you felt … less positive, less happy.

Now…that’s not the way! If you find the happiness state, why not stick with it? Why shift it back to poor, daily rut states?


Small business does not operate in the same rules as big business.

How to become a millionaire – billionaire.

The mindset: The willpower to set command, a goal, and then work daily towards the desired goal.

I cannot emphasise how important this “rule” is. I’m still struggling with this one sometimes.

It’s as simple as that.

Keeping the goal in mind, not only activates the law of attraction, a mystical law of this universe, that many may think it’s just a hoax. Reading my other lessons will prove you wrong.

Becoming a millionaire is not a difficult thing, once you got the hang of it. Especially if you have done it once. It’s like you have built an invisible ladder that raises you above the clouds. Above the initial social level.

The goal of this game is not to have one million dollars. The goal of this game is to increase your awareness and shift your mindset to attract and then keep one million dollars.

If you are committed, if you are dedicated to achieving social status, to own properties, to own cars, to find love, to travel the world. What are you doing about it? What steps do you take to change?


Action steps for How to become a millionaire – billionaire

  1. Get a piece of paper or a journal
  2. Write on the top corner of the page: Date: [tomorrow]
  3. Write the title: Goals – things I’m going to do today, that will take me closer to my absolute goal – [desire/ideal/master goal/ burning desire]
  4. Start writing the actions that you are going to take tomorrow
  5. Do it now.
  6. Repeat every single day.
  7. Enjoy even the smallest achievements.
  8. In 30 days, you’ll wonder about the new life that you’ve discovered.


Basically, it’s that simple.

Research, find out, plan, structure, start, work, enjoy, repeat.

And still, most of the population is not doing it.

Mysteries of the mind…


I hope you bookmark this page. I hope you print it. I hope you stick it on your bathroom mirror and look at it every morning while brushing your teeth.

I hope it changes you towards a better, happier, wealthier person. I think you like this article How to become a millionaire – billionaire


Enjoy life,

Ionut Furnea


P.S. If you were amongst the ones who took a pen and paper and did what I said, congrats. You’re going to make it. If not, hey…tomorrow, is just another day.

Thanks for reading the How to become a millionaire – billionaire article.

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