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Goals Step 2: What happens if you don’t set goals

Information is best downloaded/received/understood/comprehended by people who haven’t developed a habit to set goals when analogies are used – by associating a piece of known information with new information. It’s about creating a psychological structure to raise one’s consciousness to higher and higher levels. That’s how we grow!

Let’s imagine that you have a boat (that boat is your body). And you have the most magnificent boat there is available on this planet. And this boat can take you wherever you want to go. So you have something in mind. Let’s say a private beach with many palm trees and a restaurant to have something to quench your thirst.

Now, that boat has a captain, and you tell the captain that: Jack, I want you to take us to a private beach with many palm trees that has a restaurant. Not having a clear name or description of the exact place where the boat must set course to, the captain is a bit in doubt has to what beach to choose from. As there are so many fitting a partial description of the desire of the owner of the boat.

So the boat sets the course and starts the journey. First of all, there isn’t any doubt in you that you will never reach that destination, that goal. It’s the most advanced boat on the planet! You have absolute faith that you will get there sometime from the present moment. You may not know exactly when, as the boat may encounter storms along the way, but it will reach the destination.

Now, you get there, you see the beach, but you don’t like the restaurant, it’s not serving your desired food and there are many tourists on the beach, you can’t enjoy a relaxing time. And now you are frustrated. Because the goal was not clearly defined. The captain ( your body ) didn’t knew exactly what the owner wanted (you, soul, spirit, energy).

That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you wanted.

You may want “an apple”. But there are more than fifty types of apples out there. And they vary in size, shape, colour, texture and so on.

Manifestation happens in everyone’s lives. It’s just that we decline the thing that we desire, as we weren’t consciously aware of the thoughts that are generated in our heads, and run around without any supervision by your awareness.

Here’s what can easily happen if you don’t set goals.

It’s easy to let the life deteriorate into making a living.

Jim Rohn

And we all have a choice!

Make a living or designing a life.

If you have enough reasons, you would do the most incredible things.

Important: Reasons will change your whole life!

I’d read this sentence again and again and again. it’s that important.

Ask yourself: Why do I need this?

Reasons generate answers, not the other way around.

Reasons for doing well:

  1. Personal reasons
  2. Family reasons

Let me know down in the comments, what are your reasons.

Enjoy life,


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