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Business in FoodTech / HealthCare – Aspartacus – raising funds.

#RayDalio#Principles. After reading them, I have experienced matrix laws or “universal” laws in terms of how #success and #failure are linked, #how #they #work, how to recognise them, how to avoid them, how to #create #a #machinery that jumps through them. That’s called a #business – Aspartacus

That’s the key to absolute success. That’s the key to reach 1BN people. That’s the way to become wealthy, in a healthy way.

It is a fact that #Aspartacus will find #advisors and #investors to join the #board. 42 million millionaires out there in the world. Plus many investment companies that manage assets worth trillions. With its strong #businessplan and #financialplan put together, a proper #marketresearch to find out exactly, who, doing what, where they are, how much they want to pay, what features they want to have, how to target them, where to target them, and all these #userpersona questions sorted, a large number of people will love Aspartacus for #training their #mind and developing #positivehabits #positivementality. And with an #ideameritocracy principle in the company, a team of advisors and board members would definitely guide the ship towards the best decision.

The challenge in changing people’s lives: Get people to sit still for 20 minutes, twice a day, and change their focus inwardly, instead of outwardly.

How can I #attract the #interest of a #billionaire in this cause? Someone like Ray Dalio. If his company – Bridgewater Associates manages #assetmanagement totalling £, why wouldn’t he invest this abundant commodity called £1.400.000 of fiat money in me, so that I would invest my time and my energy – most important resources that we all have in this life, to build such a machine that helps and supports the entire society.

(Grammarly correcting me – THE most important resource)

#obesityepidemic & #overweight are a real thing. Not talking about the impact on the #GDP that every country faces (the UK has a 3.4% allocated just for this, and not being able to fully develop a socio-economical model that reflects the indirect costs associated with lack of #productivity, #energy, #vitality and #absenteism at work.

Look at the stats. Draw your own conclusion.


As I was further researching yesterday about the market. The serviceable market and how to find the best niche to enter in it. Wow, just wow. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is doing something about it. #MayorResilienceFund. The numbers are staggering. 63% of the UK population is overweight and obese – #nhsuk . “If current trends continue, it is estimated that 2.7 billion adults will be overweight, over 1 billion affected by obesity, and 177 million adults severely affected by obesity by 2025.” – #WorldObesity, #worldhealthorganisation . And still, the media focuses on the negative. Instead of promoting more and more on TV ways to improve. To improve society, to improve your life, to improve your career, to grow.

I mean, currently, that’s life…

How come people don’t realise that #paradigms #bobproctor and not knowing the laws that govern this universe in which we live, are affecting them? I’m talking about the #absolutelaws. #ElonMusk said: apply #firstprinciples thinking. #QuantumPhysics principle used to drill down to the most fundamental truth and build from there.

The deeper challenge is, people don’t even know what paradigms really are.

1% of the population will really understand the deep meaning of thought patterns – Sadhguru. Those are the people that I’m looking to #supportstartups

Waking up and relieving the same thoughts, emotions, patterns every day, triggering the same emotional states. #joedispenza – Thoughts trigger feelings or so-called emotions. Pushing the same emotional buttons, triggering the same actions. Day by day. And people still hope to change by doing #caloriecounting. That reactive, not proactive. That’s the effect of the cause. Not the cause itself.

Famous nutritionist, Adelle Davis said –

“To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories, is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.”

#Aspartacus processes and the way the architecture of the product has been developed, trains the mind, creates a state of dopamine that is being released in regular intervals, that stimulates the “feeling good” thing in everyone’s mind, about the fact that they are achieving their goals – no matter what or how far away they are.

#Aspartacus – transforms lives.


www.aspartacus.com – work in progress.

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